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Thursday, 27 October 2016
Mornington Special Development School has again been overlooked in the latest round of school maintenance funding announced by the Andrews Government.

Of the ten Government schools in the Mornington Electorate, only two, Osborne Primary School and Mornington Park Primary School were successful. Even then the money provided to the two schools amount to only a fraction of the funding necessary to bring the schools up to current standards. Osborne in particular is in need of far more additional funding than this band-aid fix provides.

I am disappointed however that Mornington Special Development School has again missed out on additional funding. The justification for substantial additional funding for Mornington Park is well established, and undoubtedly a top local priority, but Mornington SDS is also a top priority and is desperate for a new school which is definitely long overdue.

The decision to ignore the needs of local Special School students is particularly irritating as the Andrews Government has repeatedly claimed to be very supportive of the sector.

This year’s State Budget allocated more than $87 million in additional funding for students with a disability, but not one additional cent has come to Mornington.
I congratulate Osborne and Mornington Park Primary Schools on their success. The funding is welcome, and I know will be used wisely and will benefit our community.
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