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Thursday, 28 April 2016
Mornington MP David Morris has welcomed the news the Mornington Primary School has received funding of $184,000 in the 2016-17 budget to undertake planning for modernisation of core learning areas. The budget also promises funding to actually undertake the works, will be provided in future years.

“While the announcement of funding is welcome, the amount allocated in this year’s budget is barely a quarter of the $713,000 committed by the former Coalition Government to get work started. While Labor claim a total of $5.0 million has been allocated for the project, the remaining $4.8 million will not be funded until sometime in the future”.

“When last in Government, Labor was big on promises, and planning money, but 188 schools across the state found out the hard way that their promises were rarely kept. I just hope that we are not seeing a repeat of that behavior under Daniel Andrews.”

“More and more young families are choosing to make their home in the Mornington Electorate and local schools are being pushed to their limits.”
Obviously the Government has been listening to my repeated calls for investment in our local schools, it’s just a shame that their response will fund the partial redevelopment of only one school. Neither Osborne Primary School, with ageing, overused buildings and Mornington Special Developmental School were considered worthy of support” Mr Morris said.

“Minister Merlino visited Osborne PS in July last year and by all reports delivered platitudes, but no money. He had an opportunity in this budget to make amends, but again he has failed to deliver.”

“It isn’t just local schools that have been overlooked in this budget. The Government’s own budget map shows that there is no extra money for roads, despite rapidly increasing congestion and emerging black spots. There is no extra money for public transport, or for health facilities or for extra police, despite a 47% increase in burglaries in Mount Eliza and 28% in Mount Martha in the past year alone.”

“In fact there are only two projects for the entire Shire – Mornington Primary and Portsea Surf Club”.
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