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Thursday, 21 April 2016
Mornington MP, David Morris has called on the Premier to fund the much needed relocation of Mornington Special Developmental School (Mornington SDS).

The school is in a poor state, and needs to be relocated to the land set aside for it in Hastings.

“While bragging and boasting about the “unprecedented” investment in 20 specialist schools, the Government must have over looked Mornington SDS. With less than 50 students, it is too often overlooked.” Mr Morris said.

“In March last year I called on the Andrews Government to fund the proposed relocation in that year’s budget, but no funds were forthcoming. This will be the second budget where the Government has refused to provide funding for students in our community who are most in need.”

Mornington SDS was listed in the Victorian Building Futures Program for the rebuilding and relocation of the school to Hastings. As a result of this the school was unable to receive Building the Education Revolution funding. The school was offered a new portable, but with the limited space they could not accept it and reluctantly had to hand the money back.

The school site currently has no permanent buildings and lacks many facilities that most other schools enjoy. In 2009 they had 10 portable buildings with an average age of 30 years.

“The school has done a fantastic job with what they have. They deliver great outcomes for students, and the staff work tirelessly to ensure that students aren’t disadvantaged by their school facilities. It is time the Government played their part.”

“Mornington SDS needs a new school, and they need it now.”
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